Lingserve language solutions

In the Goldilocks zone of translation.

Our business model

There are two predominant business models in the translation industry:

1. Freelance translators

The vast majority of people working as translators do so on a freelance basis, generally from their own home. Such translators can offer a highly personal and often lower-cost service but there also drawbacks from the customer perspective:

2. Translation agencies

The corporate translation market is dominated by large translation agencies offering a one-stop shop for all language combinations and subject areas, often in conjunction with downstream activities such as typesetting.

By acting as an intermediary between the customer and a bank of freelance translators, the agency eliminates the drawbacks (for the customer) of working directly with individual translators. Generally speaking, however, a translation placed with a large agency will simply be sent to the next available translator on the list (or in the worst-case scenario simply the lowest bidder), who may or may not be familiar with your business, your terminology and your corporate style. While most translation agencies will have some form of quality assurance in place, it is simply not possible to put translations through a process of rigorous editorial scrutiny if you are handling every language combination and every subject area.

The LingServe model

LingServe offers an alternative model which, although not unique, is certainly not typical of the translation industry. In effect, it lies somewhere between the two aforementioned models and in our view offers the best of all worlds. We are small enough to provide a personal, high-end and highly customer-focused service, but large enough and flexible enough to be able to handle the complexities of today's translation market. 

What are the drawbacks to the LingServe business model from the customer perspective? If the ease of a one-stop shop for multiple language requirements is your primary requirement, then we are not the right partner for you. However, if you are prepared to invest a little more of your time or if your translation needs do not extend beyond German-English, we are your ideal translation partner.