Lingserve language solutions

Editing and revision

Our experience shows that if you look at the bigger picture in terms of time, quality and cost, it always pays to write texts in your native language and then have them professionally translated. However, if this is not possible for some particular reason, we will do our best to accommodate you to the best of our abilities by making appropriate changes and suggestions.

For jobs of this kind, we have established a set of general rules:

1. We do not revise selectively

Unfortunately, it is not possible for us to correct only the most glaring errors in a text, something that we are often asked to do. Whether an error is glaring or not is a matter of opinion, and we are generally unwilling to deliver a final product whose quality we are unable to fully vouch for. We will take on a revision job only if we have free rein to edit the text so that it meets the same standards as one of our translations in terms of style, register, terminology and consistency. If we have to completely rewrite the text, we will do so.

2. We need clarity

One of the first things that gets lost when someone writes in a language other than their own is clarity. In cases of uncertainty or ambiguity, we can make an educated guess as to what we think the author means, but ultimately only the author knows for sure. We therefore ask that the person who wrote the text is open and available for questions. We will always present changes in a format where the customer or author has to consciously accept the changes that have been made (e.g. using 'tracked changes' in a Word document). Please review the changes carefully and ask if you have any questions.

3. We need sufficient time

Please give us enough time to review and improve the text. Calling on us for a last-minute check puts us in a position where we feel pressured not to present "too many" changes, which conflicts with the need to provide an honest appraisal of the quality of the text. And sometimes we simply may not have enough time to make the improvements that are required.