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Archive entries (LingServe)

Christmas at LingServe – of darts, dragons and dramatic election results (18.12.2019)

This year's Christmas party for inhouse staff, freelancers and other members of the LingServe family was held on Friday, 13 December - a seemingly inauspicious date but one that didn't have any effect on our enjoyment of the evening. It also happened to be the day after the UK election, which certainly meant that no-one was left without a subject of conversation! Although given the circumstances and the now looming prospect of imminent Brexit, it actually came up far less than you might have expected. Clearly no-one wanted to spoil the party atmosphere.

Before the festivities commenced, our long-standing freelancer and financial guru Andrew gave a long-awaited demonstration of Dragon Naturally Speaking speech recognition software and how he uses it to increase productivity and reduce the physical wear and tear from typing. It was fascinating to see how accurate the software was, even when Andrew spoke quickly. The demo certainly gave us food for thought on how we might want to integrate dictation software into our translation processes in the future.

For the party itself, we brought in a number of traditional pub games. The centrepiece was a hired wooden skittles alley - once a common sight in Britain's pubs - which was complemented by darts, table football and something that can only be described as a throwing version of Torwandschiessen (and for those who are unfamiliar with this, see: https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Torwand)! During the pre-game meal, we were put into teams by pulling badges out of a hat. To mark the election, the team names were Corbyn, Swinson, Johnson and Farage. Each team played every other team at all of the games on a rotating basis, with Nigel keeping score and chivvying us along when necessary. It was a great way to make sure that everyone got to speak to everyone else, and we had so much fun that we actually forgot to take any photos this year! Winners on the evening were (in stark contrast to the actual election result) Team Corbyn.

On the subject of the Christmas party, we would like to announce that beginning this year, we will now be matching our spend on the party with a corresponding donation to charity, which this year will be Kindernothilfe e.V.

The LingServe office will be closed from Monday 23 December this year and will open again on Thursday 2 January. We hope you all have a fantastic Christmas and a great start to 2020, and we look forward to working with you all again in the new year.

Merry Christmas / Frohe Weihnachten

Election side note:
Before the Christmas do, I asked everybody who was coming for a prediction (fun or serious) as to the outcome of the election. Some were bleak, none were accurate as to the magnitude of the Tory victory, and the highlight was undoubtedly the response of Kate's three-year old son William to her explanation of why they were going to a parish hall on such a dark and rainy evening:

Kate: "All the grown-ups have to go and mark a piece of paper to choose who they want to run the country"
William: "I want to run the country!"
As Kate says, "You have to admit, he'd probably do a better job!"

And we'll leave our political commentary there.

A tribute to a friend and colleague (30.04.2019)

We would like to use this month's blog to pay tribute to our friend and former colleague Claire, who sadly passed away on Saturday 13th April following a long illness.

Many of you will have got to know Claire and her husband Richard personally during our workshops, on evenings out and at LingServe Christmas celebrations. Claire joined LingServe in September 2003 and remained a loyal servant to the company for 14 years, accompanying us through two office moves. Before becoming a translator, Claire had a successful corporate career in the City, working for German and Austrian banks. She then took the decision to dedicate herself fully to her passion for language. She completed a postgraduate qualification in translation and began freelancing. Claire came across LingServe in a decidedly analogue way - after finding us in the Yellow Pages! Having worked with her on a freelance basis for a few months, Nigel and Rachel offered her an inhouse position and she quickly became a valued financial translator, drawing on her wealth of experience and subject knowledge. Claire was a highly respected and universally liked member of the LingServe team. Her expertise as a member of her local wine club also came in useful for some of our tourism texts on the subject of wine and at the occasional office wine tasting!

Claire will be greatly missed by all of us here at LingServe. Her funeral will be held on Thursday 16th May. Our office will be closed for business that afternoon so that we can attend.

Christmas at LingServe – of gin and Gemütlichkeit (21.12.2018)

As the end of 2018 approaches and our team are readying themselves to spend the Christmas period with friends and family (thankfully with no trips via drone-affected Gatwick airport), we can reflect on another satisfying and successful year delivering high-quality translations for our customers in the German-speaking nations.

It has been a busy year for LingServe. We welcomed a number of new customers as a result of recommendations and our own marketing activities. The annual report season in particular was as busy as ever, especially with the addition of the non-financial reports that large companies are now required to publish in accordance with European law. As well as some tricky terminological issues, these reports offered us new and unusual insights into the activities of our customers.

On the personnel front, we reluctantly parted company with Jana last month. She has moved to Hamburg to be with her partner Judd, who has relocated with his company. Jana quickly established herself as a valued member of our team and will be greatly missed. However, she is continuing to add to our breadth of financial expertise as a freelancer and our unofficial Germany-based partner! We wish her all the best with the move and Judd all the best in his efforts to learn German, for which he now has much more of a motivation! And today, we are bidding farewell to our intern Alex, who has been with us for three months and will be training as a British Airways cabin crew member from February. We wish her the best of luck as well.

On Wednesday 19 December, we welcomed financial translation expert Deborah Fry to present a seminar on her specialist field and to answer questions that we had prepared in advance. We would like to thank Deborah for taking time to travel all the way from Germany to attend our event. After the seminar, Deborah joined the LingServe team, together with partners and freelancers, in a Christmas outing to the Silent Pool distillery in Albury, Surrey. As well as a tasting of boutique gins, we enjoyed learning about the fascinating history of the distillery, of the Silent Pool beauty spot, and of gin itself. The group then repaired to the Percy Arms pub in nearby Chilworth for a turkey and trimmings meal. Thanks to everyone who came along. We look forward to seeing you all next year.

LingServe would like to wish its customers and partners a happy Christmas and a healthy and prosperous start to 2018. As always, it has been a pleasure to work with you all over the last twelve months and we look forward to doing so again in 2019.

Please note that our office will be closed from Friday 21 December. We will be opening again on Wednesday 2 January.

Merry Christmas / Frohe Weihnachten

PS: We actually wrote the bones of this blog around a month ago and inserted a note that read "say something about Brexit, the picture should be a lot clearer by that point". Well, so much for that: Parliament enters its Christmas recess today and the situation remains as uncertain as ever. Will next year see a new referendum, a ratification of Theresa May's deal or a cliff-edge Brexit? Your guess is as good as ours. Hopefully we will have some definite news by the time we publish our first blog of the New Year. We would like to reiterate at this point that we do not expect any of the scenarios to have an adverse impact on the service that we offer.

Christmas at LingServe (15.12.2017)

As we write this blog, the UK is in the grip of one of its coldest winters for many a year. Snow is causing havoc across the country, schools are closed, thousands of flights are being delayed and the roads in some places are treacherous to say the least. Of course, this would be less of a problem for our friends in Germany, who have presumably already switched over to their winter tyres and been out clearing the pavements with their snow shovels at 6am! But in the UK, winter weather does always seem to come as a bit of a surprise ...

2017 has been a busy year for LingServe. We celebrated our 20th anniversary, marking the occasion with a company trip to Bremen, where we have a large customer base. We had a fantastic time exploring all the tourism attractions that we are so used to writing about and are already looking forward to our next trip to Germany, wherever it may be.
This year, we welcomed a new employee, Jana, who has quickly established herself as a valued member of our team. As well as adding to our breadth of financial expertise, she has also expanded (doubled!) our capacity for English to German translations and has quickly learned the layout ropes in InDesign. And at the end of 2017, we will be reluctantly bidding farewell to Kate, a long-standing and valued member of our team. Kate has been with us for five years and we wish her all the best in her new role.

Kate, Jana and the rest of the LingServe team, including partners and all our freelancers, came together on Friday 1 December at our offices in Aldershot for our annual Christmas celebration. After quickly rearranging the office chairs and tables for a banquet-style meal, we offered welcome drinks and nibbles before tucking into what was probably the healthiest Christmas dinner this side of the Hogs Back. Thanks to everyone who came along. We look forward to seeing you all next year.

LingServe would like to wish its customers and partners a happy Christmas and a healthy and prosperous start to 2017. As always, it has been a pleasure to work with you all over the last twelve months and we look forward to doing so again in 2018.

Please note that our office will be closed from Friday 22 December. We will be opening again on Tuesday 2 January.

Merry Christmas / Frohe Weihnachten

Xmas party 2018.jpg

Christmas dinner at the LingServe offices

Busman's holiday (21.06.2017)

To celebrate 20 years of providing premium-quality translations to customers in the German-speaking countries, LingServe decamped to Bremen for the long Fronleichnam weekend. The team knows the city extremely well thanks to one long-standing tourism customer but also a new partner that seeks to attract new and established businesses to Bremen. For some of us it was a chance to visit Bremen for the first time, for others it was a welcome return after many years. And, translators being translators, we couldn't help but cast a critical eye over one or two of the English translations on display around the city! Hence the title of our blog, busman's holiday.

On Thursday 15 June, all nine members of our team - including our new arrival Jana and current intern Chris - travelled from London to Hamburg and then on to Bremen. On the Friday we were given a private guided tour of the city followed by add-on tours of the Ratskeller and Rathaus courtesy of Bremer Touristik-Zentrale. Highlights included a visiting choir giving impromptu vocal backing to the carillon in Böttcherstrasse and a tasting of Württemberg wine deep in the bowels of the world's biggest repository of German wine. The tours gave us our bearings in the city and we followed them up with an afternoon visit to the Übersee-Museum - for which we can definitely say that one afternoon is not enough to see it all!

That evening, we tapped into the craft beer revolution in Germany by sampling beers from around the world at the Bremen Bierfest, before heading to the market square for La Strada, a festival of street performance featuring song, music, dance and mime.

On the Saturday, we explored the Schlachte Embankment, the Schnoor quarter and the Bürgerpark and spent the evening at Bremen's famous Ständige Vertretung pub, sampling traditional North German dishes such as labskaus and Bremer knipp and enjoying a few rounds of delicious kölsch beer served in the famous Cologne-style kranz.

Tired from all the sightseeing, but pleased to have had our fix of Germany, we returned to a baking hot London on Sunday. A fabulous time was had by all and we look forward to another 20 years of success in the German to English translation market. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our customers, and of course our small but select pool of freelancers, for being such a pleasure to work with over the years.

The LingServe team at the famous Bremen Town Musician's statue by the town hall


And again at the Ständige Vertretung on Bremen's art nouveau street Böttcherstrasse.

Ständige Vertretung.JPG

An example of some not so good translation ...


... and, just for balance, a free but fantastic translation seen in the Bremen Ratskeller


New member of the team (01.06.2017)

Once again, we are delighted to welcome a new addition to our growing team. In May 2017, Jana Hornschuh decided to swap the City of London for greener pastures and joined LingServe.

Born and raised in Germany, Jana completed a BA and MA degree in Translation Studies with English and Spanish in Cologne, followed by an MA in Legal Translation at City University London. Before joining LingServe, she spent three years working as an inhouse translator - one year in Germany at a consultancy firm and two years at the London office of an international brokerage company.

"It's really interesting and enjoyable to work with such an experienced team of translators," says Jana. "At LingServe, I can apply my experience in financial and legal translation, but I also have the chance to explore new fields and acquire new skills."

Looking back on an eventful year and forward to a milestone (21.12.2016)

2016 is a year that will live long in the memory. Two nations separated by a common language both took decisions that shook the established order and ushered in a new and uncertain future. The people of the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union and Donald Trump secured an improbable election victory. Meanwhile, there appears to be no end in sight to conflict in the Middle East and global terrorism remains a very real threat, as this week's horrific events in Berlin have reminded us. The world seems a changed place but there is still hope and optimism for the future.

We are pleased to report that the Brexit vote has not damaged our business in any respect and we are confident that this will remain the case. Rarely have we been as busy during the winter months. We have carried on in our usual manner, providing high-quality translations and top-notch service for our customers in the German-speaking countries.

Our newest team member, Steve, celebrated his first anniversary with the company, having quickly proven himself as a valued part of our team - not only for his translation skills but also for his IT expertise. We are also actively seeking to recruit a new permanent member of staff and have recently rolled out a new IT system that allows our core team of freelance translators to work directly on our network. This will greatly increase our flexibility, particularly for collaboration on larger projects, and will generate both quality and efficiency gains. Another member of our team, Kate, has been away on maternity leave for most of the year, but will be back with us at the start of 2017. Most important of all, we will be celebrating our 20th anniversary in 2017. Plans are already in place for a company weekend in Bremen and we will be marking this milestone in various other ways throughout the year. Watch this space for more information.

Another milestone will be reached at the end of next year: the fifth anniversary of our blog. We have come to enjoy our monthly musings on the world of translation and we hope you enjoy reading them as much as we enjoy writing them (and translating them into German!). We always appreciate feedback, good or bad, and if you have any suggestions for subjects we could tackle, just let us know.

The LingServe team would like to wish all its customers and partners a merry Christmas and a happy, healthy and prosperous start to 2017. It has been a pleasure to work with you over the last twelve months and we look forward to doing so again next year.

Please note that our office will be closed from Friday 23 December. We will be opening again on Tuesday 3 January.

Merry Christmas / Frohe Weihnachten

Translation 4.0 at LingServe's annual workshop (26.08.2016)

Each year, LingServe hosts a workshop that brings together its inhouse team and its freelancers in an informal atmosphere to share ideas and information about the world of translation. This year's event, held on Friday 19 August, focused on the past, present and future of translation, the perils and pitfalls of PDF conversion and a new way for freelancers to work for us. Presentations were given by Nigel and Richard.

The title of our presentation on the future of translation, Translation 4.0, was a reference to the Industrie 4.0 initiative that is currently being championed by the German government. The obvious English translation for this term would be Industry 4.0, and that term is beginning to gain some currency, but the concept is still much more common in German. Here are some other options listed in our dictionary that help to explain the concept to the uninitiated:


Industrie 4.0 is a coordinated attempt by Germany to become the leading global player in the Industry of Things, smart factories and smart appliances. So that's things like your fridge reordering milk for you when it sees you're running out, and turning the kettle on with your smartphone so that you can make a cup of tea the moment you get in. We're already seeing the beginnings of this in the UK with devices like the Nest, which controls your heating remotely. Germany wants to establish a position among the front-runners in this area before the technology becomes so advanced that it can no longer catch up. There's a feeling that they've missed opportunities before, with Silicon Valley and the internet industries, and are now in danger of being left behind. Clearly, Germany sees big changes ahead for the manufacturing industry and the ‘smart home', but what lies ahead for those of us in translation?

To help answer this question, we first of all cast our gaze back 30 years to a time when there was no internet, and documents had to be faxed, posted or even picked up by hand. It's hard to believe how much our industry has changed over this period. The arrival of the internet was one of three major paradigm shifts that have emerged over the last 30 years, the others being translation memory software and machine translation. The speed and performance of all these are improving continually and helping us to deliver consistent translations to meet increasingly demanding deadlines. Much of the discussion provoked by the presentation centred around machine translation. It was agreed that quality is getting better all the time, but will probably never reach the level of a human translator, at least not in our premium niche. Nor will it ever be able to work with the author to improve a source text and iron out problems in the way that a human translator can.

One current trend that we are observing is in the use of PDFs. More and more of the documents we are asked to translate are being sent in this format. In conjunction with our partners, we are developing increasingly sophisticated means of converting them into formats that can be processed by our specialist software. During the workshop we discussed these options with our freelancers and told them about a new way of working that will enable them to collaborate even more closely and efficiently with our inhouse team on translation projects, thereby expanding our capacities for delivering high-quality translation in specialist subject areas.

Financial reporting and comedy.
Just an average Christmas at LingServe! (18.12.2015)

As 2015 draws to a close, we can look back with satisfaction on another very successful year for LingServe. As well as continuing to deliver the accurate and natural sounding translations for which we have become known, we consolidated our expertise in the layout of InDesign documents so as to be able to offer our customers an end-to-end service.

At LingServe we know that language never stands still, and in particular the world of financial language. And so the decision was made to attend a workshop on German Financial Reporting for Translators that was held at City University in London on 11 and 12 December. The workshop attracted participants in roughly equal numbers from both Germany and the UK. There was a strong LingServe presence, with Claire, Louisa and Nigel as well as two of our freelance translators in attendance. Perfectly timed just before the start of the annual reports season, our busiest time of year, the workshop provided an overview of the latest developments in both German GAAP (HGB) and IFRS financial reporting, focusing in particular on the translator's perspective and the specific translation issues surrounding the presentation of German financial reporting to an international readership. There was also a section entitled 'weasel words' looking at ways of translating some German words and phrases that prove to be perennial stumbling blocks for translators. You wouldn't believe, for example, how many different ways the German word 'Anlage' can be translated into English!

On the evening after the first day of the workshop, Claire, Louisa and Nigel were joined in London by the rest of the LingServe team for the work Christmas party. After a meal at Wagamama in Leicester Square, we made the short trip to the Leicester Square theatre to watch German comedian Henning Wehn's Christmas comedy show. Wehn, the self-styled German Comedy ambassador to the United Kingdom, has become an established name in the British comedy scene. He provided lots of laughs as part of a thoroughly entertaining evening, which saw the audience standing up to sing German Christmas carols, the appearance of the World Cup trophy, and a drunken rendition of the twelve days of Christmas! The evening was enjoyed by all and ended with a leisurely walk across Waterloo Bridge, where we could admire the stunning London skyline.

The LingServe team would like to wish all its customers and partners a merry Christmas and a happy and healthy new year. We look forward to working with all of you again in 2016 and beyond.

Please note that our office will be closed from 24 December. We will be reopening again on Monday 4 January.

Merry Christmas / Frohe Weihnachten


Henning Wehn, the 'German Comedy ambassador to the UK'.

Legal translation discussed at annual translator workshop (13.08.2015)

On Thursday 13 August 2015 LingServe held its annual translator workshop for external translators at its offices in Aldershot. This year's event focused on the ins and outs of legal translation. It was led by Rachel Arnold, who in July attended a seminar on German Contracts in English given by Stuart Bugg in Nuremberg. The day gave her a chance to share what she had learnt in Germany with our inhouse team and with LingServe's freelancers and to encourage discussion about particular and general aspects of legal translation. As well as input on specific words and phrases, there was lively debate that at times got right to the very heart of what it means to translate!

Translating legal texts from German into English involves not only the usual linguistic considerations, but also the need to explain complex and often esoteric concepts. In an ideal world there would be explanatory footnotes or a glossary of terms, but in the real, commercial world this is not always practicable - or welcomed by clients. When we translate German contracts into English it is for the purpose of conveying the content and meaning of that text to a non-German speaker. It is not to create a document that resembles a contract drafted by a common-law lawyer. Consequently we eschew the archaic language, the redundant doublets and triplets (repair and make good; promise, agree and covenant) and the lack of normal punctuation rules often seen in English contracts in favour of clear, modern language.

In the case of references to German legislation, we include the standard German abbreviation of the law (every German law has an 'official' abbreviation) in addition to a full translation in order to avoid any possible ambiguity. Where a term or concept has no direct equivalent in English, we will often add the German term in brackets for absolute clarity. The key point in this respect is that we are providing the English-speaking reader with an understanding of the German context to which the document refers; we are not attempting to produce a document to be used in, for example, a UK or US legal context. A classic example of such a concept is the German title Prokurist. There are ways to translate this term (e.g. person with commercial power of attorney), but the powers of a Prokurist are specifically defined in German commercial law and it may be important that the reader knows exactly what level of authority the person has. Generally speaking we would translate by writing the German term followed by an explanation in brackets upon first occurrence and then simply Prokurist thereafter.

Every year, LingServe holds a workshop to bring together its inhouse staff and its freelancers in an informal atmosphere to discuss various translation-related issues. At LingServe we work with a small but select pool of external translators, which enables us to meet customers' translation needs during busy periods and to outsource work to subject specialists.

Inclement weather put paid to the planned post-event walk on Velmead Common in Church Crookham, but that just left more time for the team to enjoy an evening of drinks and dinner at the Foresters pub.

Christmas at LingServe (19.12.2014)

As the end of the year approaches, we are able to look back on another year in which we have been able to serve an ever-growing number of customers thanks, for the most part, to word-of-mouth recommendations from our existing customers.

But we have not been resting on our laurels and are always looking for ways to improve the service we can offer. During the past year, for example, we have invested in the software and the training to enable us to offer a DTP service in InDesign for documents that we have translated. We have noticed over the years that a lot of good translation work can be unintentionally undone by typesetters working in a language they don't fully understand. We are now able to offer an end-to-end translation and layout service which ensures that our customers' English-language publications are produced to the very highest standard. This new service adds another string to our bow without diluting our core philosophy of concentrating on a single language combination.

We have also invested a significant amount of time and effort in developing the functionality of our online tools for customers, particularly in the area of terminology management. If you would like to know more about this, simply get in touch.

And of course it's not all about work at this time of the year. The LingServe Christmas party took place on Monday 15 December and this year featured a general knowledge quiz. After chatting and enjoying champagne, wine and German beer at our offices in Aldershot, the team members were paired up and set a series of fiendish questions by bosses Rachel and Nigel. There was a picture round to start off, followed by sections on European history and culture, and events of the past year. At the halfway point of the quiz, everyone stopped to enjoy takeaway pizza. Comfortable winners on the night were Mark and Meike, who each received a bottle of bubbly.

Everyone here at LingServe would like to wish all our customers and partners a happy Christmas and a peaceful and prosperous new year. We're very much looking forward to working with all of you again in 2015.

Please note that our office will be closed from 24 December to 2 January. We'll be reopening again on Monday 5 January.

Frohe Weihnachten!


Annual translator workshop (23.06.2014)

On Friday 20 June 2014 LingServe held its annual translator workshop for external translators at its offices in Aldershot. This was followed by an evening of music and Pimm’s for the whole team at Chilworth Manor near Guildford. The day was split into various sessions, aimed at updating the skills of LingServe’s freelancers in our translation software and sharing and pooling our knowledge in relation to various translation-related issues. LingServe has always worked with a pool of experienced external translators, enabling it to meet customers’ translation needs during busy periods and to outsource work to subject specialists.

This year’s choice for the post-workshop entertainment was a charity Picnic and Pimm’s evening at Chilworth Manor. On arrival at the house, the LingServe team picked out a prime spot in the beautiful walled garden, setting up tables, chairs and food ready for the evening ahead. With its tiered layout, the garden was a perfect natural amphitheatre for the music on stage, provided by Swedish band Fröken Lundstedt and covers act Lounge Sounds. The weather could not have been better and the evening was enjoyed by all. Proceeds from the event went to the Surrey Sands stillbirth and neonatal death charity.

20140620_190610 (2).jpg

The LingServe team at Chilworth Manor

Richard runs marathon for Cancer Research (1-11-2013)

On Monday 28 October, LingServe team member Richard North completed the Dublin Marathon in 4 hours 33 minutes and 28 seconds. After months of training, which included a number of runs home from the office, Richard arrived on the start line in the Irish capital fit and full of confidence. The ‘wall’ and a knee injury after three and a half hours of solid running put paid to his targeted sub-four hour time, and forced him to racewalk the final few miles in some degree of pain! He was running on behalf of Cancer Research UK and raised around £1,000 for the charity, with donations from Richard’s LingServe colleagues contributing £525 to this total.

LingServe's Scrabble night (24-10-2013)

On Wednesday 23 October, LingServe team members enjoyed an evening of Scrabble that involved both the German and English versions of the game. Despite being language experts to a man, no one here had previously played German Scrabble, so it was uncharted territory for us all. Scrabble dictionaries in hand, however, we gave it our best shot! There was a German table and an English table, each of which had four players. Once both tables had finished their games, we swapped places and played in the other language. The winners on the night were Kate, Louisa, Richard and Meike!

Claire's ten-year anniversary (17-09-2013)

On Friday 13 September 2013 LingServe acknowledged ten years of service and commitment of a valued staff member. Claire Ford started working at LingServe in September 2003 and has seen two changes of office during her time at the company. Claire has translated (literally) millions of words during this time, for virtually every LingServe customer. As a reward for her hard work over the years, LingServe took her – and her husband Richard – on a surprise outing to England’s biggest vineyard, the Denbies wine estate in Dorking, Surrey. Before departing for the estate, a meal of traditional Devon pasties was enjoyed by the whole team and one of its freelancers. At Denbies, we were given a presentation on the history and topography of the vineyard, a guided tour of the facilities and, finally, a tasting of the excellent wines. Claire is the third LingServe employee to have reached the ten-year milestone, joining Mark Strange and Meike Benzler in this exclusive club.


The LingServe team and partners at the Denbies wine estate.

Annual translator workshop (02-08-2013)

On Friday 2 August 2013 LingServe held a workshop at its offices in Aldershot that served both as a refresher course for its team of external translators and as an induction for new members of staff. The workshop provided an opportunity to introduce and explain changes to the company’s internal workflow system. The aim of the day was to bring LingServe’s freelancers up to speed on inhouse processes and to introduce methods for increasing both speed and accuracy. LingServe has always worked with an experienced pool of external translators, allowing it to fully meet its customers’ translation needs during busy periods and to outsource work to subject specialists. A productive day of presentations and tutorials was followed by a two-hour walk that took the team up nearby Crooksbury Hill, a scenic vantage point with views looking south, followed by a meal and drinks at the Donkey pub in Tilford.

New member of the team (28-01-2013)

We are delighted to welcome a new translator to the LingServe fold. Kate Fortey joined us in October 2012 as an intern, but quickly proved herself a creative and competent translator so we wasted no time in offering her a full-time staff position.

Having spent four years in diverse roles spanning translation, project management and design at a major German retailer, Kate realised she wanted to focus on just one field: translation. She spent a year at the University of Surrey in Guildford studying for an MA in Translation and was then keen to apply the theories she had learned in a professional setting.

“I’m delighted to be joining such a well-established, friendly team,” says Kate. “I’m relishing the opportunity to get to grips with translation software, develop new specialist areas and nurture existing ones.”

LingServe hosts translator workshop (17-08-2012)

On Wednesday 15 August 2012 LingServe hosted a workshop at its new offices in Aldershot for its team of external translators. An induction was given into the latest version of the company’s preferred translation software and into its internal workflow system. The aim of the day was to ensure a smooth migration to the new system and to further integrate freelancers into inhouse processes. LingServe has always worked with an experienced pool of external translators, allowing it to fully meet its customers’ translation needs during busy periods and to outsource work to subject specialists. A productive day of presentations and hands-on tutorials was followed by a tasting of German and English wines and a meal at the Mill pub in nearby Elstead.

Workshop 15-Aug-2012.JPG

LingServe 15th anniversary (01-08-2012)

On Wednesday 15 August 2012 LingServe hosted a workshop at its new offices in Aldershot for its team of external translators. An induction was given into the latest version of the company's preferred translation software and into its internal workflow system. The aim of the day was to ensure a smooth migration to the new system and to further integrate freelancers into inhouse processes. LingServe has always worked with an experienced pool of external translators, allowing it to fully meet its customers' translation needs during busy periods and to outsource work to subject specialists. A productive day of presentations and hands-on tutorials was followed by a tasting of German and English wines and a meal at the Mill pub in nearby Elstead.

On 1 August 2012 LingServe celebrates its 15-year anniversary. From its humble beginnings, LingServe has gone from strength to strength and now serves a large number of blue-chip corporations across Germany and beyond.